The following lines reflect the dreams, disappointments and contradictions of an impenitent traveler, to whom the constant search for good food and a better company made him live among the rootlessness and love to the land that saw him born and cultivated his palate so far as to turn it into a slave of their own standards. Prisoner of himself, now he wants to accomplice you to this continuous pursuit of pleasure, sharing the best food in Lima that every day is becoming a gourmet paradise of the world.

Nobody can deny that the delicious combination of a chef who flattered us with details, a restaurant or a warm bar, a dim light and a careful attention, a good wine, soft music, the perfect company and a relaxed and honest conversation create the necessary magic for stripping our souls and taking us to paradise. For years he had the luck to enjoy with friends the privilege of their company and the passion put into every opportunity. Passion that he wants to share with you today, inviting you to try that sensitivity sometimes unknown for our senses and to enjoy textures, aromas, flavors around a kaleidoscope gourmet in the gastronomic capital of America.

A good table has to be shared because by doing that we multiply the pleasure of surprise and ecstasy of our senses. And what better place than Lima to be spoiled and surprised while we share in this way. Lima has the privilege and at the same time the responsibility to share with those who don’t have lucky to live here.

The invitation is made and the only way you may regret is not accepting to share such wonderful experience.



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