We have made wonderful gourmet tours, in which we seek perfection until last detail so we can offer a truly unforgettable experience.

As you should have read in other sections of this webpage, Peruvian cuisine is a place in which many cuisines have been converging for centuries, such as Creole and regional cuisines, seafood, fusion and of author, Japanese and Nikkei, Chinese, Italian and Mediterranean. These cuisines have merged among themselves and then with techniques of haute European cuisine. In this scenario, we wish that a trip from three to four days means a journey of taste for all these cuisines.

After a fine selection, we have an initial chosen list from about 50 restaurants that allow us to make completed tours in which the only experience that could be repeated, if you decide to visit gain, would be the pleasure to meet us again with a brotherly hug filled with various culinary surprises in different scenarios. These restaurants were chosen based on many years experience and knowledge. Likewise, we maintain a constant evaluation of the service and food quality.

For more information about dates, costs and details of each gourmet tour, please click on the desired tour.



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