We are a group of professionals trained in various disciplines, with more than two decades business and individual experiences in tourism, business management, events organization and conventions made in about 25 countries around the world. With the passing years, we decided to join us to share our common passion for good food, wishing of course, the privilege of sharing with you in Lima, that is an increasingly modern and cosmopolitan city, and for long time is recognized as the gastronomic capital of America.

After identifying local holidays that enable you to escape three to four days in those long weekends, we prepared gourmet tours for those who visit us from any city and can enjoy a wonderful and unforgettable experience with family and friends, tasting a multitude of culinary alternatives that Peru offers, all this is accompanied by some sightseeing and talks with the most recognized Peruvian chefs.

We have alternatives that make perfect complement maintaining good food to those who have some extra days off and wish to extend the experience of a weekend combining cuisine with traditional tourism that takes them to Cuzco, the wonderful citadel of Machupicchu, Arequipa and Colca Canyon.

Peru is a fortunate country because over the centuries it have merged into the best culinary demonstrations of local cultures as Eastern, Arab, and European and complemented by a very wide range of premium quality products and supplies; some of these demonstrations are our contribution to the world. This is the case of potatoes, where locally about 2500 varieties with different textures, flavors and colors are found. Paradoxically and without being big wine producers, the wine cellars of our restaurants, specialty stores and supermarkets, may be among the most largest and stocked in the continent and that is because we don’t have regionalisms that forces us to offer or consume only what is ours. We have everything and from everywhere to find a perfect matching with our stews and thus to satisfy the most demanding palates.

In any small hidden restaurant, that good food lovers in Lima used to call affectionately huarique, a combination of flavors, colors and aromas are present, which expose us to a sensory range that is unique and unequalable. Our specially prepared packages include, aside from the haute cuisine restaurants, a visit to one of these huariques, where you are not only allowed to lick your fingers, but it is something almost mandatory.

Those who know us over the years believe that all this would be meaningless, if direct effort doesn’t achieve the mission that these days we spend together turn out to be unforgettable. That is not only our commitment, but our passion and reason for being. Our goal is the high expectations that you have for the provided experience will exceed, so be assure that we do the impossible to achieve this and you leave Peru after taste more than half a hundred different flavors specially prepared in the best restaurants of the region.

Patricia San Martin and Jose Zegarra-Ballon



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